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Pandemics and Postponements

Updated: May 5, 2022

If someone from the future comes across this and wonders what the hell I'm talking about, the current year is 2021. We are experiencing a global pandemic and life is a little bit more complicated as a result. Going into this I thought, cool, if I'm not allowed to leave my house I'll get a ton of writing done.

Oh how wrong I was. They say hindsight is 20/20 for a reason, pun intended. Aside from the inevitable depression, frustration, and extreme anxiety that comes along with a pandemic...and sometimes just every day life even on a good day, I've also faced multiple set backs to my writing as a result of my cats.

No they were not lying on my keyboard, or begging for scratches, or meowing incessantly, though there was some meowing. No, unfortunately both of my cats have given me some very real health scares, in this already scary health climate. I've faced the choice of having to let them both cross the rainbow bridge at different points over the last year and a half as a result of said ailments.

To say I've been distraught is putting it lightly. These crazy balls of fur, nails, and fury are sometimes - okay, often, the only reason I get out of bed. Yes, clearly that is something I need to address with a professional at some point. I promise, I will.

Regardless, I am writing to you from a much better frame of mind, with two cats still by my side, though the road to get here has been rough and still filled with potholes. All that said, other parts of life had to take a backseat during the Kitty-scares of 2021. Basically, my writing got put on hold while I did what I needed to get each of the cats healthy again and help them recover from surgery.

As a result, I've had to push the publish dates of both Screwed and Restored. I hope to still get Screwed published soonish, however Restored will come out sometime later in 2022/2023. I apologize for the delays and I hope you enjoy the books when they come out.

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