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C.H. Shealy is the amalgamation of Belle and Hermione with a fair bit of spice mixed in. Where some might start by dipping their toes into the world of romance, she took a swan dive. While working as a teacher and then as a doctor wrangler she voraciously read everything she could get her hands on before she finally decided it was time to share her own spicy stories with smut lovers everywhere. She strives to provide her readers with strong, intelligent, funny female protagonists, and male protagonists so hot your panties will combust. She is a wife, lover of all things nerd, purple-obsessed crazy cat lady, though she prefers the title Catwoman.


Nerd Girls Series


Nerd Girls Series

Book 1

What do you get when you put together a bewitching bookstore owner with a busted knee who is obsessed with all things magical, her meddlesome nerd girl posse, and the hot guy next door who, aside from appreciating a good wand pun, doesn't know a mage from a muggle but happens to be really good with his hands?

A charming story of how a magic obsessed geek gets the guy.

*No love potions were abused in the making of this story.

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Nerd Girls Series

Book 2

What do you get when you throw together a wanton Yorkie, an overworked veterinarian who is fascinated by all things pertaining to the dark and light sides of the ‘Force’,  and a sexy software developer whose romantic life got sucked into the void of space nearly a year ago?


An unleashed tryst that leads to an out of this world story of how a space-crazed nerd snags the guy of her dreams. 


*No mind tricks were used in the creation of the second installment of the Nerd Girls Series.

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Nerd Girls Series

Book 3

What happens when you toss together a video game enthusiast turned chemistry professor, her world renowned restaurateur best friend since childhood, and years of repressed feelings?

A legendary tale of how a pair of best friends manages to beat both the odds, and the final boss, in the game of love and find their happy ending.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this third installment of the Nerd Girls Series with you.

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Nerd Girls Series

Book 4

What do you get when a superhero-obsessed mechanical engineer’s new roommate turns out to be her childhood crush who rekindles all kinds of pesky feelings and also happens to be her brother’s best friend?

A sassy chronicle of how a mechanical engineer catches her crush-worthy roommate.

*Romance readers assemble for the fourth installment of the Nerd Girls Series.

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Nerd Girls Series

Book 5

What happens when a medical emergency puts this nanotechnologist, with a penchant for all things Tolkien, face-to-face with the one-night stand she can’t stop thinking about?

A temptation-filled journey between a jilted one-night stand and a sweet nanotechnologist full of surprises.

* My precious readers, join me for the final adventure of the Nerd Girls Series. 

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Standalone Books


Dillon has two goals, to escape the facility where she is being kept and experimented on against her will and then take down the bastards that had her kidnapped in the first place. What she doesn’t see coming is Aiden, a man dripping with so much sex appeal it would be easy to lose sight of her objective and set her sights on him instead. Why does he want to help her? How did the experiments affect her? And will she be able to tamp down her feelings for Aiden and complete her mission or will she end up risking it all?

Bellator is a full-length contemporary romance novel with no cheating or cliffhangers.

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines
Parallel Lines



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